Wild One - March 2015

After receiving a grant from Canada Council For The Arts, I was given the opportunity to record my new album in Toronto, Canada. It was my first time recording in my home town and better yet, in Kensington Market where my family first immigrated to when they came to Canada. I spent a week with some amazing Canadian musicians and studio engineer David Mackinnon at Nassau Studios. 

Thunderbird EP! Sept.2013

August 2013 I decided to record my first EP. I have a big back catalog of songs that I never did anything with and I wanted a place to put some of them. It was my first adventure of recording, writing and playing everything myself. A small project but very challenging and satisfying in so many ways! I also decided to draw and design the cover art myself. I have always played a huge part in it in the past and felt like this five song EP would be a good place to start exploring it more!   Thunderbird available now at CDBABY!


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Starting in 2001 I have worked with various bands and musicians. Collaborating both in the studio and on stage. It is very exciting to release my first album, comprised of all solo compositions. In March and April of 2012, I worked with the incredible engineer Zach Goheen at Minbal Studios in Chicago IL and had an excellent team of Chicago based musician friends add beautifully to the songs. A huge thank you to all my friends, family and fans from over the years, who graciously helped me fund this album through kickstarter! You can check out the video of the making of the album and the kickstarter campaign I did here @ www.kickstarter.com