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Since 2005, I have been touring, performing and recording full time in this wonderful band! Miss Alli and I are currently taking a break from touring, while we record, release and tour some other projects. While I'm releasing my solo album "Where The Darkness Goes", Miss Alli has teamed up with the incredible songer writer JT Nero from Chicago. They are touring their awesome self titled release as Birds Of Chicago! You can check them out at www.birdsofchicago.com!

Po'Girl Biography @ www.pogirl.net

The beauty and mystery of Po Girl's music - a sound that has beguiled fans the world over - springs from the mesmerizing bond shared by its two lead singers and writers - Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira. Hailing from Montreal and Toronto respectively, both women left untenable home situations at fourteen, found music instead of bad ends, and lived to sing the tales. The interplay between these two stunning performers is truly something to behold. You'll hear echoes of speakeasy jazz, the western lament, the accordion-strapped ghosts of European folk accompanied by the wail of the clarinet in the music of Po'Girl-- but it's delivered with a soulful clarity, and depth of feeling that makes it all their own.

It seems almost silly - and not very interesting - to trot out a long, endlessly hyphenated list of the many influences coursing through Po Girl's music. Suffice to say it's 21st Century roots music - North Americana if you will--never derivative, not faithfully aping a beloved tradition. Teixeira and Russell don't re-hash the old forms, they reshape and reinvigorate them for new ears.

Since Po'Girl's birth in Vancouver, BC in 2003- Russell and Teixeira (and an ever revolving cast of stellar musical friends), have averaged over 250 days/year on the road --bringing their inimitable roots revelry to 13 countries, and 4 continents-- winning over new fans and friends everywhere they go. With 5 internationally critically acclaimed studio albums, a live album, a b-sides album, and a DVD to their credit with Po'Girl- Alli and Awna have firmly established themselves as two dynamic, compelling songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalists with true staying power.

2012 sees them both exploring more facets of their artistry with some exciting new projects. Awna has just released her debut solo album "Where The Darkness Goes"-- It was released September 6th 2012. For more information visit www.hazytales.me

Alli has teamed up with Chicago songsmith JT Nero (of JT and the Clouds), They have recently released their self titled debut album as their new outfit "Birds Of Chicago" visit www.birdsofchicago.com

She's also involved in a recording project called Sankofa 'The Uptown Strut' to be released March 27th, 2012 on Kingswood Records- featuring John Sebastian (Loving Spoonful), Dom Flemons (Carolina Chocolate Drops), Ndidi Onukwulu, Sule Greg Wilson, and Professor Louie ( the Band) for more information visit soundcloud.com/1888media/sets/sankofa-the-uptown-strut.

Po'Girl will be doing only a couple of tours in 2012 , March 21st through April 14th in the Netherlands and the UK joined by Mikey 'Lightning' August on drums and Chris Merrill on bass. Also in May they will be opening some shows for the incredible Carolina Chocolate Drops. These are the only scheduled Po'Girl shows this year, in order for Alli and Awna to have time to record, release, and tour their new albums. They'll be working on the songs for the next Po'Girl record and making guest appearances on each other's new projects too-- you can expect a new Po'Girl album down the line in 2014.

Genuine gypsies, these two wander and play. They move and move and play and sing. It's quite simple. Always restless, more often than not bone-tired, they write their flashes of sadness, their loss, their good love, their hope, their dreams of home into songs that matter deeply to them. Like any good art, they are little acts of self-rescue. So you should listen. You aren't much different from them, and who couldn't use a little rescuing these days?