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I wish you all the summertime in your heart....

Hello loves,

Life has been beautiful and hard and electrifying and golden....

I moved to Nashville on the edge of a lillypad, not having a clue of what ever my direction would be the moment before.

Things have been so beautiful and sweet, spending much of my time watching The Birds Of Chicago's little doodlebug Ida Maeve. Writing and singing lots too. Finding my way back to my musicial heart after years of quiet contemplation. 

SO! I am setting out back to the South West for some shows and wanted to let you know the details. It will be a beautiful reunion of so many things....

6/29 Marfa Texas @ Wrong Store - W/ Rae Red and Primo & Bebee 7:30pm 110 W.Dallas st.

6/30 Silver City New Mexico @ Power Light and Press W/ Rae Red & Dustin J. Hamman 7pm 601 N Bullard St. Unit F

7/1 Tucson Arizona @ Addie's House w/ Rae Red & Adam 7:30pm 91 W. Simpson St.

7/2 Phoenix Arizona @ Wasted Ink w/Rae Red 7:30pm 2222 N.16th St.

7/5 Silver City New Mexico @ Tranquilbuzz Coffee Shop SOLO 7pm 112 W.Yankee St.

7/6 Santa Fe New Mexico @ Bett Williams House W/ Tiffanie Lanmon on Drums and Meredith Stoner on Bass 7pm reception 8pm show 38 Don Jose Loop

7/7 Taos (Arroyo Hondo) New Mexico @ Midtown Lounge W/ Tan Cologne & Special Guests. 8pm 680 NM-522

7/20 Cortes Colorado @ House Concert SOLO for details please e-mail me @

7/21 Durango Colorado @ The Digs aka Studio Underground W/Brenden Schafer & Tony Holmquist 

8/4 Corrales (Albuquerque) New Mexico @ Arts Center SOLO 7pm 4940 Corrales rd. #100

For any questions or more details please feel free to contact me