UK/EU Tour with Brandy Zdan and Cara Luft!!!

This tour has been of to an incredible start! We have been laughing lots and having a great time putting our songs together. It feels so good to sing three part harmonies with such incredible singers!!!

I just wanted to let you know what towns we are coming to on this tour...Please check out my "SHOWS" page under "SOLO" for the all the venue and show details!


October  2013
9 - Farnham UK
11 - Lewes UK
12 - Manningtree Essex UK
13 - Birmingham UK
14 - Cropredy, Oxfordshire UK
15 - London UK
16 - Hempstead Essex UK
17 - Leeds UK
19 - Bathgate Scotland
20 - Oswestry UK
21 - FERRY to Ireland
22 - Belfast Ireland
23 - Dublin Ireland
24 - Clonmel Ireland
25 - FERRY to UK
26 - Fly to Amst.
27 - Edam-Volendam  NL
28 - Eindoven NL
29 - Heerlen NL
31 - TBC

November 2013
1 - Amen NL
2 - Koepelkerk NL
3 - Norderstedt (Hamburg) DE
4 - Bremen DE
5 - Den Bosch NL
7 - Leiden NL
8 - Eeklo BE
9 - Lage Vuursche NL
10 - Aachen DE
11 - Home



New EP "Thunderbird" Coming October 9th!!!

Hello Gentlefolk,

This October I am releasing an EP called "Thunderbird". It is my first ever EP! I decided that I wanted to pull out some old songs that I had never done anything with. Sometimes it's hard to find a place for songs, or they are just not meant for others, or sometimes they are just there to be written and left behind. It doesn't always seem clear but some of these songs I didn't want to forget about, I wanted to find a place for them. So I spent a week in our music room pulling up old files and looking through my back catalog...So much fun to do after all these years. To see where your heart and mind have wandered...

I did the recording myself at home here in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a wonderful experience. Figuring out and playing all the parts myself. Learning how to use music software. Geeking out and really diving into my own head. There were many times I know I went too far and had to go away and come back and start over. It is crazy where your head can go when it feels like there is no limit or when it's completely limited by your own insecurities. For me this feels like the beginning. I know I have been writing in bands now for 9years and playing in them for 12, but I feel like I am just starting out. At the very beginning. I mean maybe I will always be looking for my true voice and that is the beauty of it. The process and where we go, not so much where we end up.

It was also a really fun project for me because I pulled out my pencils and drew the cover. Something that was huge for me when I was a kid but for many reasons had put down my pencils a long time ago. Something I am slowly getting back into. I drew the sketches in my "How to build and play the Gutbucket Bass" book and am also drawing for some of my upcoming books!

I will have this EP for sale with me on my upcoming tour in the UK/EU starting October 9th. At that time they will also be available on! Stayed tuned for details about the over seas tour coming soon.

Much love and light!


p.s. Here is a listen to the title track "Thunderbird"...

CliCK heRE To LIsten tO ThunDERbirD!



Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is officially flip flop weather here in Utah and I am just about to string up the patio lanterns! We have had some great times with the BBQ and I am feeling a little sad to say goodbye to this dry hot desert home for a month! But the road calls and I must make my way across the country to meet up with the Canadian Via rail train and play my way to Halifax! I will be travelling solo across some of the most remote areas of the country, starting Utah and heading through Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in 9 days! Wow, it sounds completely insane now that I have written it out like that. I will be playing some shows, dancing to Portuguese folk music and seeing some people whom I adore and miss greatly. It will be the longest solo journey ever, stopping where I can to take in the world and think some big thoughts....I will be posting regularly to the blog that Miss Julia CHandler started for me on Tumblr! is the video I made of previous travels to the title track of my album "WHere The Darkness Goes". Peace and love, Awna


West Coast Canadian Tour 2013! May 16-June 2nd! CHeck out our new blog!

We were super excited to receive our new drumkit in the mail in time for this up coming tour. We have been spending time practicing on it and getting the heads all tuned up nice and sounded good for the first shows of it's new life!!! We have yet to name it, but I am sure something will come to us out on the road.

If you live in these areas, come out and say hello! We will be keeping a blog for the tour, you can check it out updates, photos and such  Can't wait to drive around you Western Canada, it's been too long!!! xoxoxooxoxo


p.s. Check out my solo tour page for more venue details and contacts!

May 16th - Great Falls Montana - Rumors at the New Skyline!
May 17th - Lethbridge AB - opening for Oscar Lopez!
May 18th - Edmonton AB - The Artery
May 19th - Jasper AB - Oliver Bistro
May 20th - Calgary AB - The Ironwood Stage and Grill
May 23rd - Winlaw BC - Cedar Creek Cafe
May 24th - Oliver BC - House Concert
May 25th - Penticton BC - The Elite Restaurant with Maiya Robbie!
May 26th - Kelowna BC - House Concert
May 27th - Vancouver BC - The Railway Club
May 31st - Courtney BC - House Concert
June 1st - Victoria BC - House Concert
June 2nd - Esquimalt BC - The Spiral Cafe - With Jennifer Louise Taylor!



Happy Spring!!!

I am super excited! I am about to embark on my first ever for real solo tour!!! Not bringing my tuba player, my Masseuse, or my hair dresser this trip! I will be all alone....It will be a first ever in my 12 years of touring on the road in bands and even with my new solo project. I have always had back up players, or friends who have come with me...I will be picking up my ride in Texas and starting my tour in Colorado. Wait....No, that's right....Ha ha. Then driving down through New Mexico and back up to Utah! If you or anyone you know are in the area...Please do come and say hello....The dates are below and you can find out more info on my tour calendar page.

Much love and light this spring!!! 



April 10th - Telluride CO - The Steaming Bean
11th - Carbondale CO - Steve's Guitars 
12th - Boulder CO - House Concert RSVP
13th - Fort Collins CO - Avogadro's Number - Opening for Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt!
14th - Colorado Springs - The Loft w Hopeful Heroines!
17th - Taos NM - Taos Mesa Brewing 
18th - Las Vegas NM - Travellers Cafe
19th - Santa Fe NM - GIG Art Space
20th - Albuquerque NM - Frame N Art Gallery