'Wild One' EU/UK Album Release Tour March 2015!

Ja Speed and I had the most wonderful month long album release tour in the EU/UK!

It was 20 shows in 24 days and couldn't be happier with the music and friendship and to all the people who helped make this tour happen! A big thanks to Lucky Dice Music and Grapevine music for booking a great tour and to all the fans and kickstarter supporters for helping make this happen! We can't wait to go back next autumn with the release of a new EP! Stay tuned for details. Much love, xo



Thank you so much for supporting another successful fundraising campaign!!!

I want to say a huge thank you for all your support! To everyone who contributed to this fundrasing campaign both monitarily and with your many words of encouragement! 

I feel completely humbled and excited at the prospect of making the tours of my new album Wild One happen and being able to promote them properly. I couldn't have done it with out the help of so many, thank you.

If you would like to know more about the campaign you can go to the kickstarter by clicking on this link...         WILD ONE KICKSTARTER

I am currently down in southern New Mexico working away on the campaign rewards, next years tours, and writing and recording more new songs! Hope you are all having a lovely autumn!

Peace Xxo




New Album Release 'Wild One' and the 'Blue Heart On Your Sleeve Tour' - Helping Raise Mental Health Awareness Through Music

Hello lovely people,

I have just finished recording my new album 'Wild One' and I would really like to tell you more about what my plans are for it's release. I am really excited about it for a few reasons...

Cover Art by Claire Taylor

First off, that it actually happened! ha ha. You just never know from album to album if the songs are going to be there or if you'll be able to capture them right, or if the timing will be right, or if there will be any funds to move forward. 

I feel so grateful to have received some Canada Council for the Arts funding to help make this come together, and in June 2014 I made the long drive from Salt Lake City Utah back to my home town of Toronto Canada to record 11 songs that will make up my 2nd album Wild One!

It was my first time ever recording an album in my old home town...Better yet, I got to record at 6 Nassau Studios in Kensington Market, which is the neighbourhood my family first emigrated to in the 50's from Madeira Island Portugal. 

Kensington Market - Corner of Augusta and Baldwin st.

It was pretty sweet to walk around while on breaks from the studio, in a neighbourhood full of stories I have heard my whole life growing up grocery shopping there with my grandmother Fernanda.

It meant a lot to me and I felt as though I was coming full circle as this album touches on some very personal things that have affected my life.

When I first started writing these songs almost two years ago, I decided that I would like to somehow use this release to help raise mental health awareness. There are songs on this album that make reference to and are for some beautiful people in my life that struggle with mental illness and for some beautiful people we have lost along the way. 

All of these songs are very personal to me. About people I have loved and lost, about learning to trust my true voice, about learning to find my wild again and about my own struggle coming to terms with depression and trying to find my peace with it. 

With everything that has gone on so far this year, and with the loss of two beautiful people from two different communties that I love, it feels more poignant than ever that we need to try and help open communication more. To break down the barriers and social stigmas of mental illness and learn how to take care of each other and ourselves. I don’t have a huge platform, but I know that on any level we can affect those around us positively and this is my hope…

So, I will be touring my new album “Wild One” with my “Blue Heart On Your Sleeve” Tour, which is named after a song I wrote for my grandmother. I will be talking about this from stage when introducing the song on this tour and selling Blue Heart patches for $5 a piece that you can sew or iron onto anything you wish. 100% of proceeds from the blue hearts will be donated to mental health organizations in the countries we tour it in!

The album is set to be released March 2015 and so far the tour will be taking us to the UK, various EU countries, the US and Canada! I will also be donating partial proceeds from the tour itself towards the cause.

It has been great researching the organizations that I want to be involved with and getting to see all the resources and amazing things that people are doing!

I will be posting more about this tour, the organizations we will be donating to and ways you can contribute online, on my website and social media in the new year…

For now, I have launched a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to help properly publicize 'Wild One' and the 'Blue Heart On Your Sleeve Tour', in the various regions we will be touring it in.

When pledging to the Kickstarter Campaign, you can receive various rewards, signed pre-sale copies and downloads of the new album! I have also posted a video I made of photos I took while on tour around the world over the past 9 years. It gives a sneak peak of who was involved on the record, and it debuts two songs from the new album!

You can check out the link here....WILD ONE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Much love to you and yours.






Thunderbird now available at CDBABY!

I made my first EP! Autumn 2013

Set up some mics and things while home alone and recorded some old songs... And I pulled out my rusty pencils and drew a bird.

You can listen to it and buy here at CDBABY.COM



LIVE Broadcast from our Salt Lake City Home! Dec. 29th, 2013! 1pm EST

I am super excited to announce that we are playing a show at our house in Salt Lake City, Utah that everyone can tune into!!! Please come and join us during this holiday season, for some songs and fun! It will be myself and the lovely and talented local wonders, Julia Chandler and Ja Speed. It will be Sunday the 29th, at 1pm MST (show is 30min)! The reason we are holding an afternoon show, is so that our friends, family and fans in over the pond can join in too! It is LIVE, there will be no recording you can later check out, so please make sure you are with us 1pm sharp! That's 8pm in the UK and 9pm Western EU. You can pay what you want and tip too. You can also type in and talk to us during the show (oh and there are prizes)! We are going to decorate ourselves and the house! Can wait to have you all over!! Click on this link for tickets and more details.