Happy Autumn!!!

Hello gentle people,

It has been an amazing spring and summer! For the first time in my touring life, I have finally taken the time I need off the road. Travelling so much for us introverts can be a hard thing, and I also think it is really important to take time in ones life to love and nuture ourselves and those around us.

Music is a beautifully healing thing and I have been making lots of it!

It has been a really wonderful few months writing, recording and working with a new group of musicians!

I am excited to announce that I have been rehearsing with the lovely and talented ladies of a local Taos band Mirror Travel. Tiffanie Lanmon on electric guitar, Meredith Stoner on bass and Lauren Green on Drums. They are currently learning a big stack of my songs and we will hit the road mid October for our first little regional tour.

PLease stay tuned for photos and show dates and more exciting news to come! 

So much love to you always,



New Mexican winter....

(Back of Saint Francisco de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM - Photo by Sarah Ellis)

It kind of feels like I am retired this winter, but then I look down into my plate of beans and rice and at the huge hole that has made its way through my army boot, and I remember that I am just trying to follow my heart. Sometimes I am travelling across the world performing every night and other times I am trying to rejuvenate and live simply, so I can write... 

It's been an amazing year of touring my new album 'Wild One' this past 2015. Starting in March, I flew over seas with my dear friend and amazing musician Ja Speed. We toured the UK/EU, performing 20 shows in 24 days. We had a blast, with really supportive audiences and we raised a few hundred dollars for mental health awareness. A huge thank you to our kickstarter supporters that helped make the tour possible!

Since we decided 2015 was going to be a full year on the road, when I flew back to the U.S. we packed our lives up into storage. We bought an 18 passenger van,  (We named her Ramone - as it is unlucky to not name your ship) converted it into a home and left New Mexico.

This year of North American touring was booked by Sarah Ellis of Stargazer Music Bookings, who also joined me on the road and worked above and beyond, becominig one of my favourite tour managers ever! I mean, not only did she take care of all of the logistics, she helped with publicity, took care of half the driving and made the best damn sandwhiches.

From April to November we went through 25 states and five provinces in Canada. Getting to see some of the most stunning countryside. It was an incredible year and I am so grateful to all my amazing friends, family and fans that came out to support our shows!

Come November we made a very quick, last minute decision and decided to plant ourselves in the New Mexican high desert of Taos for the winter. I have always been in love with this state and am so delighted to be here for a few months writing and studying new instruments. 

We have ended up in a few hundred year old adobe home that sits across the parking lot from one of the oldest churches in the U.S. Saint Francis de Asis, my grandmother's favourite Saint! We have a gorgeous view of the back of the church from our front porch. (The same view that Georgia O'Keefe famously painted!) People seem to come from all over the world to see it, so we have a lot of new friends. We have a huge clan of ferral cats, some really great neighbours, a broken water main that makes a really nice pond in our front parking lot and at least one poltergeist, so naturally, it's very comfortable here!

It has been sweetly inspiring so far and I can't wait to start this years touring in the spring with some new material. 

It's been a crazy start to 2016, losing one of the biggest most amazing icons....It has been a true pleasure to be graced by David Bowie's influence in my lifetime. He truly has paved the way for all of us misfits and I feel like I am reminded again, how important it is to try to live true to your truest self.

Thank you Sir Bowie!




HELLO CANADA!!!! Wild One Release Tour 2015

It has been an amazing Canadian portion of our 2015 tour so far! We arrived to play the Artswells festival in Wells BC at the beginning of August and have been enjoying this province immensely. Had some wonderful westcoast shows and a sold out show at the Dream Cafe in Penticton. It was such a wonderful way to go back to a place I spent some time in as a teenager. We then played in the unforgetable Kaslo BC at the Bluebell Bistro. 

We are slowly making our way across the country with our last Canadian show landing us in Wakefield QC September 18th. Please check out my show dates for all of my performances, (CLICK HERE) which include shows in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec! Looking forward to seeing so many friends, family and fans along the way! Much love, x Awna

Kaslo B.C. in the Kootenay Valley....xo


The 'Heart Lands' Spring Tour with Huck Notari and Jenn Rawling! May 2015

In a few days I'll be driving across the country from New Mexico to Milwaukee to start a two and a half week tour with two amazing musicians! We will be playing some live streaming shows (double click on this link https://www.concertwindow.com/87030-jenn-awna-huck) as well for everyone who won't be able to make it! Check out the dates below and check out my 'shows/solo' listings in the menu bar for further details. Here are the dates and we hope to see you soon. These will be my first US tour shows with the new album!

Much love! xo

Huck Notari - www.hucknotari.net  and Jenn Rawling - www.jennrawling.net

May 7 Menomonie WI. House concert.
May 8 Madison WI. House Concert - The Anna Lee
May 9 Lancaster WI. 3 Springs Barn. Reservations req.
May 10 Madison WI. House concert. The Rabbit Hole. 
May 11 Live Stream online @ Concert Window
May 13 Green Bay Farmers Market
May 14 DePere WI. Luna Cafe.
May 15 Evanston IL. House concert. Sutton Studios.
May 16 Oldenburg IN. House concert. Private. 
May 18 Bloomington IN. The Players Pub.
May 20 Live Stream online @ Concert Window
May 21 Sheboygan WI. Paradigm Cafe.
May 22 Ft Atkinson WI. Cafe Carpe.
May 23 Springfield IL. House Concert.
May 24 Milwaukee WI. Anodyne Cafe.


'Wild One' EU/UK Album Release Tour March 2015!

Ja Speed and I had the most wonderful month long album release tour in the EU/UK!

It was 20 shows in 24 days and couldn't be happier with the music and friendship and to all the people who helped make this tour happen! A big thanks to Lucky Dice Music and Grapevine music for booking a great tour and to all the fans and kickstarter supporters for helping make this happen! We can't wait to go back next autumn with the release of a new EP! Stay tuned for details. Much love, xo