Writing in the rainy city of Nashville!

I never imagined in my life that I would live in another city that rained as much as Vancouver Canada, and it never even crossed my mind that Nashville Tennessee could even compare, but alas, here I am. In Nashville, and my desert heart is drenched.

Thankfully there are many amazing things about this city that I am slowly discovering between my stints as a single auntie to my dearest 5yr old niece! 

So between the playgrounds, the adventure science center and trips to the gentlebarn, I have been managing somewhat to focus on writing a new album full of songs on my beautiful accordion Maude. 

Gearing up for a summer tour with all new songs, here is a little taste of what my summer jaunt will sound like. 

This is a new song called Lu Cheia (full moon) 

Hope to see you across the south west and hopefully Canada this June/July and Aug 2019!

SO much love and light to you and yours,



I wish you all the summertime in your heart....


Hello loves,

Life has been beautiful and hard and electrifying and golden....

I moved to Nashville on the edge of a lillypad, not having a clue of what ever my direction would be the moment before.

Things have been so beautiful and sweet, spending much of my time watching The Birds Of Chicago's little doodlebug Ida Maeve. Writing and singing lots too. Finding my way back to my musicial heart after years of quiet contemplation. 

SO! I am setting out back to the South West for some shows and wanted to let you know the details. It will be a beautiful reunion of so many things....

6/29 Marfa Texas @ Wrong Store - W/ Rae Red and Primo & Bebee 7:30pm 110 W.Dallas st.

6/30 Silver City New Mexico @ Power Light and Press W/ Rae Red & Dustin J. Hamman 7pm 601 N Bullard St. Unit F

7/1 Tucson Arizona @ Addie's House w/ Rae Red & Adam 7:30pm 91 W. Simpson St.

7/2 Phoenix Arizona @ Wasted Ink w/Rae Red 7:30pm 2222 N.16th St.

7/5 Silver City New Mexico @ Tranquilbuzz Coffee Shop SOLO 7pm 112 W.Yankee St.

7/6 Santa Fe New Mexico @ Bett Williams House W/ Tiffanie Lanmon on Drums and Meredith Stoner on Bass 7pm reception 8pm show 38 Don Jose Loop

7/7 Taos Ski Valley - Bacon and Brews 12pm-4pm FREE

7/7 Taos (Arroyo Hondo) New Mexico @ Midtown Lounge W/ Tan Cologne & Special Guests. 8pm 680 NM-522

7/11 Arroyo Seco New Mexico @ Parse Seco w Sheverb 8pm

7/20 Cortes Colorado @ House Concert SOLO for details please e-mail me @

7/21 Durango Colorado @ The Digs aka Studio Underground W/Brenden Schafer & Tony Holmquist 

8/3 Santa Fe New Mexico SOLO @ GIG Performace Space 7:30pm $20 1808 2nd St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

8/4 Corrales (Albuquerque) New Mexico SOLO @ Arts Center 7pm 4940 Corrales rd. #100

8/8 Albuquerque New Mexico w Rae Red + more @ Corpus Arts 7:30pm 123 7th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

For any questions or more details please feel free to contact me







Winter love...

As the snow started to fall in Taos, I made a quick decision to hide out in the hills in the Mimbres Valley of southern New Mexico for the winter...To hunker down and be. To soak in the air, the trees, the rocks, the water, the sun and let these past few years wash over me...To find a different angle, a different view, a different part of my heart. To heal some old wounds and write until my hands are raw. I have fallen in love with my new to me 1961 Silvertone and my new to this world accordion. We will be helping each other shine over the next few months, to see what we are made of...I wish you all so much peace in your step as you walk through this beautiful, fucked up world...LOVE


Spring Tours in the South West!


I'm super excited to be heading to Durango at the beginning of May to record on my dear friend Jenn Rawling's new beautiful album. We will be holing up in a cabin with most of the members of the Haunted Wind Chimes to record her beautiful songs for a week. Finishing up with a house concert in Durango on the 7th with all of us in tow....

After that I will be making my way to Wyoming to meet up with the ever so delightful band Whippoorwill for a small run of shows around the South West.

Below are our show dates if you are in the area or would like a road trip!



May 7 - Durango, CO - House Concert with Jenn Rawling, and Haunted Windchimes - EVENT LINK

May 12 - Saratoga, WY - Saratoga Inn with Whippoorwill 

May 13 - Fort Collins, CO - Wolverine Letterpress and Publick House - with Whippoorwill, Porlolo, and Inplanes

May 14/15 TBA CO

May 16 - Taos, NM - Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership 8pm

May 17- Santa Fe - Kitchen Sink Studios 8pm

May 18 - OKC, OK - The Blue Door 8pm



Elo 2017!

Photo by Christine Meyer, Bremen, Germany 

It's been a crazy start to the year...Feeling the need to combine our efforts and band together even more, in what is feeling like a really hard time for so many...Speaking the truth through art seems even more important than ever....

I have been working for the last few months, writing and recording a new album full of songs I've been compsing on accordion.

It's been an amazing heart opening and challenging experience, pushing even more boundaries than ever. I will be releasing the album this winter as a limited edition album to help raise funds for a new accordion! 

Sadly accordions don't appreciate in value like old guitars or violins. They become harder and more expensive to repair as the years move on. It has also become harder to find people who are able to repair them.

On top of getting harder to repair, my old, used accordions (Sofia 1947/Etta 1957) have become increasingly harder to play. I have had to compensate and change my playing causing me to strain and injure my hands.

My goal is to have an accordion that will be with me for the rest of my life and allow me to grow as a player and performer.

Stay tuned for the release of the fundraising campaign and a chance to pre-order the new album "A Thousand Years or More".

Love and peace