Learning About Janusz Korczak 

July 22, 1878 or 1879 – August 1942

With great honour my song "The Little Review" and this little piece I wrote about it was published in the Canadian Association of Janusz Korczak's 8th edition Newsletter!

The newletter will posted posted here in full soon!  


     A few years ago I learned of the incredible story involving Janusz Korczak, his staff and children of Dom Sierot Orphanage in Warsaw Poland. It was from a small excerpt from Diane Ackerman's historical fiction novel, "The Zoo Keeper's Wife". I immediately desired to know more about this story, the children and Janusz. I ordered as many books as I could find and also read the wonderful Biography "The King Of Children" written by Betty Jean Lifton. Such an incredible man and his teachings and what he ended up doing for so many children through the years truly inspired my heart. I was reminded again of the importance of children in our daily lives and on this planet. I have been singing songs in my head since I was a little girl, but it wasn't until I was 19 that I began to teach myself instruments, writing and singing. After touring with different bands since 2001, I released my debut solo album "Where The Darkness Goes". I write and compose mostly on accordion, banjo, guitar and ukulele. All the songs on the album are greatly inspired by trying learn more about my own heart. Trying to get back to the most honest important parts of me. I have been through many struggles over the years, and have found that even in the darkest times, we can find our light. One of the songs off my new album is called "The Little Review". It is inspired by Janusz, his staff and children. By their strengths and dignity, and what they endured. Also by being reminded, that no matter what is going on around you, it is what is inside your heart that matters most; what your own voice is telling you. The voices of children were what was most important for Janusz it seemed. That they be heard and respected. As he once wrote, "You are mistaken if you think we have to lower ourselves to communicate with children. On the contrary, we have to reach up to their feelings, stretch, stand on our tiptoes."
I would love to share my song "The Little Review" with you. The title of the song is the name of the children run newspaper that Janusz started at the Orphanage. It was researched, written and edited all by children.



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