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The Nova Cafe  

Bozeman, Montana

A few years ago the owner of The Nova Cafe Serena Rundberg, asked us if we were to have a sandwhich, what would be on it. Well, when we were coming to town to play, they had decided to make our sandwhich "The Po'Girl Sandwhich" for a special. It ended up selling so well they added to their menu perminently. Now you can get the Po'girl sandwhich as a wrap or omlete even if you like!


Sophia's Place

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is one of my favourite restaurants in the world. Introduced to me, by my dear friend Rick Thaler. It is often the first place we will all go, upon arriving in Albuquerque NM.


Jamjuree Thai

Seattle, Washington

This is one of my favourite Thai's places, a spot we often frequent in Seattle!


Caprese Ristorante Italiano

Ottawa, Ontario

This is an amazing restaurant in Ottawa, Canada. Everything is made from scratch, so the owner can guarantee 100% that the restaurant is entirely Gluten Free. Whether you are Gluten Free or not, this food is fantastic!!!


Lula's Cafe

Chicago, Illinois

This is an excellent cafe, whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great atmospher and always fresh. Once a week, they have a dinner prepared solely from what ever food they could buy that day from the local farmer's market.