Wild One - March 2015 - Recorded at Nassau Studios in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

Thunderbird EP - October 2013 - Recorded at my home in Salt Lake City, Utah. My first time writing, playing and recording everything myself! Also pulled out my rusty pencils and drew the cover art.

Thunderbird Album Lyrics

Where The Darkness Goes 2012 - Recorded by Zach Goheen at Minbal Studios - Chicago IL

WTDG Album Lyrics

I have had the chance to record on many albums over the years. Here are some of the projects I have been a part of.

Po'Girl - I joined Po'Girl at the end of 2004 and four weeks later I hit the road with them full time for the next 8 years. Allison Russell one of the main singer-songwriters and I recorded 6 albums together in total.

Po'Girl - Follow Your Bliss  2010 - Recorded by Zach Goheen at Minbal Studios - Chicago IL

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Po'Girl - LIVE 2009 - This is a collection of some of Po'Girl's most requested songs. Recorded live in the south and western states.

Listen to "Old Mountain Line" LIVE

Listen to "Gone In Pawn" LIVE

Listen to "Drive All Night" LIVE

Listen to "Who All Is Here" LIVE

Po'Girl - Deer In The Night  2008 - Recorded at Screen Door Studios - Austin TX

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Po'Girl - Home To You 2007 - Recorded in Vancouver BC

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Sofia - No Shame 2006 - I recorded this album with Allison Russell of Po'Girl. Featuring Luther Wright, Sarah Harmer, Ana Egge, Jason Mercer, Don Kerr, John Raham and Shawn Brodie.

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Salt 2006 - Miss Alli and I released an EP as Salt before we changed our name to Sofia!

Listen to Golden Tower 

Listen to Motel

Barley Wik - Triangle Mountain and Dusty Lullaby 2003 & 04 - I started this band with a group of friends in Victoria B.C. Canada and released two albums with them.

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Rae Spoon - Throw Some Dirt On Me  2003 - I also worked with Rae recording on two of their other records, "Your Trailer Door" and "White Hearse comes rolling". Here I am featured singing, playing Gutbucket Bass, Accordion, Harmonica, Washboard and Banjo.

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The Red Eyed Rounders - Milk River Breakdown 2002 - We started on the streets in Calgary busking during the famous Calgary Stampede. In that time we were playing 4 to 5 hours during the day on Stephen Ave for the work crowds, and playing on 17th Ave from 11pm until 4am for the bar crowds. There was never a better time or place to play the streets. Calgary was the land of the twenty dollar bills! It was really like those people didn't even want them. We hit it off together so well we released an EP called Natural Speed with Joe Face Records in Calgary, opened for the Corn Sisters, and played outside the Calgary Folk Festival until CKUA invited us in to play live at their on sight station tent. One of our busking highlights was playing outside the gates the last night of the festival and having hundreds of people showing up and dancing. We also cleared almost $800 in our case, which ends up being around 4 socks full! We headed back to Victoria B.C. and recorded this full length album "Milk River Breakdown" at Sea Of Shit Studios. We also played many hours on the streets in Victoria B.C., Seattle and Santa Cruz, playing the odd gig inside a venue on stage. Sometimes shutting down the house, as we did at the Poet and Patriot in Santa Cruz, one of our last gigs together....

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The Derby - Cyborg Love Songs 2001 - The first real band I was in! Some of my favourite musicians that I still know and will love always. My first real introduction to stage, road life, recording and street playing. Even though I had done small amounts of it before, this is where I really cut my teeth. Touring all over Canada. Our biggest tour was from Victoria B.C. to Saint John's Newfounland and back, over two and a half months. We played the streets and gigs as we went. It was mostly 6 of us and Huckleberry, who was just over a year old at the time. All in a trusty Ford Econoline named Tony. Some of the craziest and best times of my musical life.

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