~My sweet friends Shannon Witham and Dwayne Strohm, have an awesome landscape design business on Vancouver Island!!! Here is their new site, check em out!


~Kate Brown-Pottery & Tile - My lovely friend in southern New Mexico, USA! She also provided the Art Work for Po'girl's 2007 record "Home To You"! 


~Siopaella - Ella DeGuzman - My dear old friend's beautiful vintage clothing store in Dublin, Ireland. You can also buy things online


~Smudged Paint - Kristine Lee - My darling old friend's gorgeous art work! In the sweet rolling hills of the Okanagan Valley, Canada! Check it out


~Flux Custom Ironworks - Lyndsay Bristow - a wonderful friend on Vancouver Island, Canada! Beautifully hand crafted custom designs!

Flux Custom Ironworks

~Little Red Caboose - Ella Pedersen - A lovely old friend based in Vancouver Canada. Gorgeous hand crafted fun things for big and little people. Inspired by nature, natural fibers and mothering! xo


~OGB Millwork - Rick Thaler - My awesome friend in Albuquerque New Mexico USA. Interior custom design and woodwork!